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Using a machine to spray render is fast becoming the norm for renderers in the UK. We now have a range of render machines to suit the needs for any job undertaken. All our machines come with full training either on site or at our training headquarters, with our machine expert Si Barraclough ,who will go through all the training and will always be on the other end of the phone for backup if needed. As well as training full aftercare is always essential, and we will always help with any issue you may be facing.

Benefits of having a machine

The main benefit to purchasing a machine is time. when spraying material onto a wall it halves the time of hand applying increasing productivity and giving you more time to do more jobs and in the end making more money.

Work Smart Not Hard

As well as the time you save with a machine another huge aspect is the strain it takes away from your body. Renderers put alot of stress onto the body when mixing, carring and applying render. Having a machine takes all this away and relieves the strain for you.

Which machine Should I Choose?

Choosing a machine can be daunting, if you would like a chat about any of the machines or if you would like advice we are only a phone call away. Here are a few descriptions of the different machines we have :

Predator Pro Spray

Silicone only machine, easy to use and leaves an impeccable finish 

Predator Optimix

Runs from mains, Will pump premixed base coats, monocouche, hardwall and silicone thin coat render, ideal for a first machine with its simplicity


Predator Sprinter

Elrctric mixing pump, runs from mains, mixes and pumps base coats, monocouche, hardwall and bagged screed


Predator Classic

3 Phase machine, powerful and ideal for large jobs and site work pumps and mixes base and monocouche

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