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Thincoat TC-15 Topcoat

K-Rend Thincoat TC-15 Topcoat is a ready-to-use rendering solution intended for exterior use on buildings of all kinds, and is a favourite among industry professionals, offering a number of unique benefits.

Thincoat TC has insulating properties, and is highly breathable, just two of the many reasons it stands out over other common rendering methods, and here at Direct Building Products, we have a wide range of colours available to achieve the finish that’s right for you.

If you’re a builder looking for a reliable, resilient rendering product for a single job or even an entire estate, this is a product that offers a consistently high-quality, lasting finish that your clients will be delighted with.

When you want to get rendering right first time, every time, K-Rend Thincoat TC-15 topcoat is the discerning builder’s choice.

As the saying goes there’s more than one way to skin a cat, and when it comes to rendering there are a number of different methods to achieve the desired longevity and sleek new-home feeling.

Silicone is one of the most popular rendering materials and preferred by many pros due to its easy-to-apply nature and its smooth, long-lasting finish.

Praised for its durability, as well as ease of application, it’s also water-repellent, meaning this weatherproof solution is the perfect way to give your home a new lease of life that will stand the test of time. And let’s face it: if you’re in the building business in Britain, you need rendering that’s bulldog-strong when buildings are battered by four seasons in one day.

All said, K-Rend Silicone TC15 is one of the best in the business. This independent silicone brand has 28 years of experience under its belt, reflected in the fantastic quality of their product.

With a variety of textures and colours to choose from, Silicone TC offers the finest finish for your home.

Whether you want a clean, calming white finish, an antique white finish that adds a luxury ‘lived-in’ look, or a brilliant biscuit shade that looks good enough to eat, we’ve got you (or rather your building) covered.

Add wonderfully tactile textures and this terrific K-Rend topcoat adds another aesthetic dimension to any exterior.

Direct Building Products offers Silicone Topcoat at a great price, plus next day delivery in the UK mainland.

We hope this gives you the info you need, but if you have any questions, simply get in touch with us on the number below.

If you’ve been looking for top-notch topcoat, you’ve found it!

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