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Looking for a render, paint, spray plaster and external wall insulation systems brand with a time-tested legacy of greatness?

Meet Jub, one of Europe’s major manufacturers in this niche and a company that’s remained cutting-edge for 140 years.

Ready to find out why Jub should be your favourite rendering product? Read on!

Unlike some new kids on the block (or bricks on the building site), Jub has been developing innovative render and insulation products and systems for generations – so it knows a thing or three about its niche.

Its flagship Jubizol EWI system has evolved over 45 years to become one of the most renowned thermal solutions anywhere.

Combined with a vast range of finishes including mineral, acrylic, silicate and silicone, as well as heat reflective and self-cleaning tech, the Jubizol system offers a terrifically tailor-made solution for any task or project.

But that’s not all, because Jub’s corporate philosophy has sustainable manufacturing at its heart, remains at the forefront of research and development and has more ISO certifications than you can shake a render applicator at.

Which means you’ve got peace of mind that the Jub products that elevate your project to the next level are also kind to the planet.

Advantages of Jub renders

Jubizol renders are flexible, UV stable and extremely durable, thus offering a low-maintenance, high-performance alternative to typical mineral renders.

There’s a rainbow of render colours available across the silicate, silicone and acrylic and there’s also a cracking Carbon Scratch Render which can be applied to brickwork, blockwork and masonry and scratched back in the same day (if the weather’s on your side!).

Sounds good?

You can get decorative, functional and dynamic Jubizol from Direct Building Products with next day delivery.

Advantages of Jub paints

The Jubizol paint range is peppered with world-beating products that have brilliant benefits.

For instance, RevitalcolorAG is an anti-mildew acrylic paint which combats algae and mildew growth thanks to unique water-repellent additives.

Meanwhile, Nanoxilcolour is a self-cleaning micro-reinforced façade paint and there are several advanced paints and coatings specifically designed for the signature Jubisol EWI and Render systems.

With Jub, there’s a stylish and substantial paint solution for every project challenge.

There’s nothing more frustrating than waiting to get your hands on great paint and render products – which is why we’ll deliver your favourite Jub items (and anything else you desire) on a next day basis as standard.

Direct Building Products are delivering tomorrow’s render solutions to your door, every day of the working week, across the nation.

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  • Jub Unigrund Primer
    Incl. VAT: £68.05 Excl. VAT: £56.71

    Jub Unigrund Primer

    Coverage:-     60 sqm per 18kg Tub   When o...
  • Jub 1.5mm Acrylic Topcoat (Jub)
    Incl. VAT: From: £68.05 Excl. VAT: From: £56.71

    Jub 1.5mm Acrylic Topcoat

    Coverage:-     10 sqm Per 25kg Tub    ...
  • Jub 1.5mm Silicone Topcoat (Jub)
    Incl. VAT: From: £78.00 Excl. VAT: From: £65.00

    Jub 1.5mm Silicone Topcoat

    Coverage:-     10 sqm Per 25kg Tub    ...

6 Item(s)

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