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Searching for quality rendering beads?

You’re in luck – you’ve landed in just the right place to find quality, durable rendering and plastering beads that provide a stylish, professional finish.

We’ve got a bountiful supply of brilliant rendering beads and they’re suited to internal and external purposes, so whatever your rendering needs, we’ve got you covered.

Not sure which beads are right for you?

Check out our helpful guide below for the answers to our most frequently asked questions.

Put simply, rendering beads are vertical mouldings that protect the edges of the surface when plaster or render is being applied.

They are vital for preventing damage to your rendering because without them, the edges are at high risk of cracks and breakage – meaning your render may not last long, your finish will look ragged and substandard, and you’ll need to spend more time (and money) doing the job again.

No matter how much you enjoy rendering, no one wants to do it constantly, so our beads are a worthwhile stitch in time.

You don’t need rendering beads.

That is, as long as you’re happy with rendering that looks like it has been slapped on with a tennis racket and corners that resemble a collapsed Christmas cake.

Beads are crucial when you want that smooth, professional rendering finish to stand the test of time – they provide protection from the elements and guard the render against wear and tear, including water-damage, staining and cracking.

Therefore they offer vital reinforcement without which even the best rendering wouldn’t last long and make sure that your surface looks swish for the foreseeable future.

Beads that enhance beauty and bolster structural integrity – what’s not to love?

Different projects require bespoke products, so naturally at Direct Building Products, we have a range of beads for different uses.

All of our beads are impact-resistant for extra protection and our experts are happy to help you choose the perfect product for your rendering project.

So which beads are right for you?

That all depends on your project, but as a general guide:

  • Plastic beads are super for a straight-edged finish – and they’re available in white, grey, cream or oatmeal.
  • PVC Mesh stop beads are used for thincoat render systems. Also available for corners of 3mm and 6mm

If these don’t feel like a good fit, give us a bell – we’re bursting with bead knowledge to share with you.

Or take a detailed look at our entire range below:

White plastic beads

These beads have a thicker profile than most competitors on the market. Which means you can create a straighter edge, achieve a more professional finish and brilliant impact resistance is assured. Grab these little beauties in any colour you like – as long as it’s white. Suitable for internal and external applications.

Cream plastic beads

The cream of the crop. Uncommonly thick and impact-resistant, these beads are brilliant for external and internal applications, plus they facilitate a silky-smooth pro finish and a super-straight edge. Stone cold classics.

Grey plastic beads

Grab these plastic beads in this season’s hottest colour – a gorgeous grey that’s a bit like a cygnet’s downy feathers. You guessed it – they’re also thick and impact resistant, meaning that your straight-edged, pro finish is assured. They’re versatile too – with indoor or outdoor application as standard.

Oatmeal plastic beads

These oatmeal plastic beads look good enough to eat – especially if you’ve got a penchant for porridge! Please don’t consume them, but instead marvel at their thickness, impact resistance and the fact that they’re equally effective outdoors and indoors. No other plastic beads scream ‘pour some sugar on me’ in quite the same way.

PVC mesh corner bead 2.4m

Using a thincoat render system? You need these PVC mesh corner beads in order to reinforce all edges and corners on your property. This is the 2.4m size and that is all.

3mm PVC mesh stop bead 2.4m

Stop beads provide a barrier at the window and door frames, as well as areas where the façade changes, in order to provide a smooth finish. This 2.4m does everything described above, in the size described – simple.

6mm PVC mesh stop bead 2.4m

Looking for a stop for areas where your façade switches, or at door and window frames? This stop bead is the tough and durable product you’ve been looking for. Designed for use with a thincoat render system, the 6mm, 2.4m size might be the very dab for your project.

6mm PVC window reveal bead c/w mesh 2.4m

Perfect for use with thincoat render systems, these window reveal beads cleverly create an expanding connection up to window and door frames. If you need 6mm x 2.4m, you’ve hit the bead bullseye right here.

6mm clip-on base bead with mesh 2.4m

Yearning for a drip/bellcast function at the bottom of your thincoat render system? Stop daydreaming and start ordering these 6mm clip-on base beads alongside the aluminium base rail/starter track. Job’s a good un.

Want to know one last thing that makes us the real bosses of rendering beads?

We guarantee to get them to your door the very next day, anywhere on the UK mainland.

And the same applies to all our products – no fuss, no waiting, just premium building products direct to your door. Practically perfect.

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